Bill Rusland settled into Peterborough in 1955, where he thought it was the perfect community to raise a family. Bill was a travelling salesperson in search of finding a new career. He ended up purchasing the residue of an uncle’s estate in 1972 and began selling it at a local auction house. He fell in love with auctions. Later that year, Bill purchased the auction business, in the old building which is now “The Only Cafe” on Hunter Street. He then went to study at the Worldwide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa. The business grew, and Bill became a certified appraiser. His children helped him right from the beginning, but his eldest son, Rob, went on to the same auctioneering school in Iowa, 11 years later. Rob then started auctioning alongside his father, learning the tricks of the trade. Not wanting to retire, Bill purchased a former school in 1989 and transformed it into a storage facility. In 1991, he handed the business over to Rob, who has further grown the business over the years.

Rob’s family also grew over the years to include his wife Jackie, and their two sons, Reid and Trent. When the boys started school, Jackie then joined Rob to help with the auction business. She too, fell in love with auctions. Later in 2003, Jackie and Rob opened their own storage business, Chemong Storage. As the boys grew older, history repeated itself and their eldest son, Reid, became the third generation to go to the Worldwide College of Auctioneering in 2010.  

After years of live auction events, the family noticed a shift in the popularity of purchasing online. They decided to jump on board. Their youngest son, Trent, being the only computer savvy member of the Rusland family, transitioned them into the online auction business. After their first online auction at the beginning of January 2014, the word has spread. It was an instant success, attracting bidders all over north America. Reviews of our online auctions have been nothing but positive.

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