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● Create an account at as a New Bidder.

Step 1: Click "Login/New Bidder."

01z - New Bidder Login.jpg

Step 2: Click "Register Here"

02z - Register Here.jpg

​Step 3: Enter and confirm (re-enter) your email address.

03z - Check Email Address.jpg

Step 4: Fill in your contact information, and choose a user name & password, then click "Create New Account."

04z - Complete Account Info.jpg

Step 5: Click "Ok".

05z - Welcome.jpg

● Register for the specific auction containing the lot you'd like to bid on. 

06z - Register for sale.jpg

● Confirm your updated credit card information, read and accept the Terms & Conditions. 

07z - Credit Card.jpg
08z - Thank you.jpg

● Please view Auction Details to ensure you can attend Check Out Time/Pick Up Time (or make prior arrangements).

09z. - Auction info.jpg

● Find the lots you'd like to bid on by scrolling through the catalogue or searching key words in the "search field". You can add them to your watch list to easily access later.

10z - Watch list menu.jpg
11z - Watch list.jpg

● When bidding on a lot, you may bid by the computer's set increments, or you may place a "Maximum Bid". A maximum bid is the highest price you'd like to pay for a lot. The computer will bid for you by set increments, but the bid will never exceed the Maximum bid you have set.

PLEASE NOTE: A Buyer's Premium Rate of 10%, as well as HST is added to the bid amount, if you are the successful bidder. 


● It is recommended on the night of the closing auction that you "View the Live Catalogue". This will show you in real-time of how much time is left on a certain lot, and what the current bid is (without having to refresh!). It will also highlight the lots you are winning, losing, or watching. 

● At the designated closing time of the auction (usually 7 pm), the auction will enter a Soft Close. This means that lots begin to close at 7 pm, but are staggered in intervals. This avoids "sniping." When a new bid is submitted, 3-5 minute will be added, allowing the lot to stay open for the additional time until all bidding has ceased.

● Once the auction has finished closing, you will be able to see which items you have won/lost. 

● You will receive an invoice of items won shortly after the auction ends. Your credit card on file will be automatically charged for the total purchase price of any items won, as well as buyer's premium and HST.

● The Check Out/Pick Up Time will be shown on your invoice, which is the time allotted for you to come and pick up your items. You must bring your own packing materials, and set of muscles.

Shipping available on certain items. Please call (705) 745-4115 to make arrangements. 

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